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All the training and education you need for a successful career in travel

From the moment you join Trevello, you gain access to countless training and educational resources to help grow your business. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need so you can hit the ground running with confidence and build a successful career in travel. 

Created for travel advisors by travel advisors, Trevello’s training tools and programs have it all.


Our self-paced onboarding modules allow you to move at the speed that suits you best. You’ll learn about niching, preferred suppliers, insurance, invoicing, technology, marketing, sales, and more. We cover it all.

Annual conference

Our annual conference brings together hundreds of Trevello travel advisors and preferred suppliers for one-on-one appointments, professional development, and engaging events. It’s a week-long opportunity to collaborate with your peers, meet travel partners, and drive business.

Business coaching

One-on-one business coaching with our dedicated support team is always available to you as a Trevello travel advisor. Your business coach can offer personalized sales and marketing assistance, help you manage your business, and provide ongoing support.

Regional meetings

Trevello hosts up to 10 regional meetings annually, so connecting face-to-face with fellow travel professionals and suppliers is easy. Meeting locations intentionally rotate throughout Canada to make getting to one as convenient as possible. Attend as many as you’d like.

Virtuoso training tools

As members of the leading, by-invitation-only luxury travel network, Virtuoso, you get access to even more business building tools. Virtuoso’s hotel, cruise, and air booking platforms are valuable resources for learning about suppliers, price shopping, and locking in exclusive amenities for your clients.

Exclusive supplier trainings

These educational opportunities provide a visual, interactive way for you to stay current on a brand’s product, features, services, and more. Many of our suppliers offer FAM (familiarization) trips to provide you with additional knowledge.

Building a successful career in travel is easier than you may think. Learn more about the infinite opportunities that await at Trevello.

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